Trading in energy resources on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange

Active work in the procurement of energy resources can bring you very interesting results in terms of efficiency. The Ukrainian Energy Exchange plays a very important role in this segment, because it can help you in solving certain problem situations. Eventually, you may have new opportunities in the sector. So […]

How Google Analytics Kills Great Blogs

If you remember the Animalz blog for just one thing, let it be this: The oversimplification of content marketing is a drag on the entire industry. A nuanced understanding of content marketing strategy, creation, and measurement is the thing that separates great blogs from the rest.

What is “Good Content”?

No one disagrees that you need “good content” to grow a blog, but there’s plenty of disagreement on what “good content” actually means.Let’s start here: Good writing is simply not enough. There’s a clear correlation between strong writing and successful blogs, but there are plenty of counter-examples too. A threshold […]

Content Strategy for Multi-Product Companies

How do you build a content strategy for a business with more than one product?A content marketing strategy should be built around product use cases. It can expand beyond that, but it should always be anchored by the thing that people can pay for. This is simple if you sell one product, […]

Core Content Marketing Concepts

There are a handful of core concepts that we address on the Animalz blog over and over again. There’s good reason for this. Content marketing strategy isn’t rocket science, but it does require thoughtful preparation and great execution. We simply cannot reiterate these foundational concepts often enough.

You Don’t Need an Audience

“Building an audience” is one of the most common—and problematic—phrases in content marketing.Instead of thinking about building an audience, you should create content that addresses users’ needs as those needs are discovered.

Content Marketing Personas

Writing for personas doesn’t work very well.And that’s not because it’s a bad idea, it’s simply because it’s rarely executed in a way that generates a useful outcome. Most personas follow a similar pattern:

3 Content Marketing Power Laws

If you double the side of a square, you increase the area by a factor of four. If you double the side of a cube, you increase the volume by a factor of eight. Small change, big impact. That’s a power law and it’s the kind of guiding principle we […]

How to Protect Your Website

The first thing to know about securing your website (and in my opinion, the most important thing) is that you are not doing this as an absolute guarantee against malicious attackers.Huge organizations regularly have their websites taken down by DDOS attacks or defaced by hacktivist organizations like the Syrian Electronic Army.In the worst-case scenario, their sites make […]